Chapter 7: Don’t pay for many clients
Mangaging director: Naser Taher

His son: Yahya Taher
Link :

I am lucky to have a colleague who work in the financial department and help to provide photos of conversation in Skype Group of MEX-MultiBank FX while they was discussing client’s withdraw requests.

MEX-Multibank FX is a Mafia group who don’t allow their clients to withdraw. Their victims have to take strong actions such as taking legal actions against them at court or posting on famous websites then their cases will be resovled if they are lucky.
I will list out highlighted situations below:
Firstly, I would like to introduce the main people in the Skype Group is Sufian- who is responsible for approving withdraw requests from clients. Linkedin:

One of the special case: the client Sun Houxian whose MT4 account is 88813533 requested to withdraw the amount of $4282.94 many times but this has not been successful. Houxian had to report MEX-Multibank FX on the social pages in China.

MEX requested to sign the contract in which he commited to delete his article then they pay him money. Below are the evidences:

In other cases, the clients kept asking for their withdraw but all their efforts became in vain. Although their clients sent their request to the Skype Group  but MEX-Multibank FX didn’t deal with these withdraws and they have no response. Please check out these messages below: