Series of the Truth about MEX – Multibank Group SCAM: Big SCAMMER
Chapter 5: Fake the name of company like the Bank

The Hong Kong policeman will arrest all of them.
CEO: Naser Taher
His son: Yahya Taher

MEX is having only 1 office, it is hidden illegal office and it is placed in Hong Kong.

+ Because it doesn’t have the Hong Kong license about Forex industry

How to operate and how to fake:
+ The real company name is : MEX Fintech (see the copy of business registration)
Company name: MEX Fintech Limited (Not Multibank company)
Nature of business : Software Technology (not Forex indsutry)
Registration date: 18/02/2018 (the new born company)
Address: 11/F Convoy 169 Electric Road North Point
+ Multibank is only the word which they use for nice marketing to attract the newbie client for Forex industry, it is not the company. So the in front of the reception, they put the words “MEX – Representative of Multibank Group