Series of the Truth about MEX – Multibank Group SCAM: Big SCAMMER
Chapter 4: It is the China company but fake is USA company

MEX – Multibank Group was established by Naser Zakaria Al-Taher in Tianjin, China

But it fakes to be established in California and wrote this in their website

I/ How to fake?

Step 1: They paid the money under table for Businesswire to write this lie article

Step 2: They wrote the information in Wikipedia and added above link for the reference to take the approval from Wiki

Step 3: They wrote on their website that the company was established in USA.

II/ How to check the company is real or not in USA?

1/ Ask the companies send the copy of Business Registration or the copy of the Annual report

You can ask MEX – Multibank send it for you to check. Sure 100% they don’t have.

2/ Check about the companies on the yellow pages or websites of State by Sate of USA Government

You can check in the California state link:

Sure 100%, no companies with name MEX or Multibank