Series of the Truth about MEX – Multibank Group SCAM: Big SCAMMER
Chapter 3: Removed the profit of clients

CEO: Naser Taher
His Son: Yahya Taher

Mex – Multibank Group is really the Mafia guys in the Forex industry.

They removed the profit of many win clients with the useless reasons

Below link is one of many cases

User: 66100884

Pass: nvtcat091845

Sever: MEXIntGroup-Real

I sure with you that, this account will be deleted after I post this topic. But I recorded it and save the history.

They removed the profits below



=> they said they have the rights remove the orders less than 120 seconds. But they only remove the orders which have profit but don’t remove the orders which have losses


=> they said this chart had some mistakes so this order not fair.

Next chapter: I will guide How to fake the company to be the USA company or established in USA like MEX – Multibank is doing this fake thing.