Series of the Truth about MEX – Multibank Group SCAM: Big SCAMMER
Chapter 1: Brand changing many times

From IKON to MEX now to Multibank
CEO: Naser Taher
His Son: Yahya Taher


+ Delete the profit of the clients

+ Delay the withdrawals many months

+ Clients can not withdraw the money including the initial capital

+ Slippage and delay the execution orders even in the normal market.

+ Do not pay the salaries for employees, the expenses for the offices

+ Not Paying Taxes in China

+ Hidden offices without licenses in China and Hong Kong to prevent the tracking of Police.

+ Fake the name like the bank

+ Fake the history of company and milestone

+ Fake the demo competition rewards

+ Fake the offices (including the USA office)

+ Fake the licenses

+ Fake the awards

+ Fake the international phone number. They are directed to one office in China.

+ Fake the promises with employees

…. ( I will list more reasons in next chapters)

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